Panopto: Video Management Pilot

A key tool in an institution’s e-learning kit is video – the ability to easily capture, edit, share and control video content is increasingly common in our lives and in the lives of our students, and so it should be in education. To that end, we have purchased Panopto in order to run a 1-year pilot. What is Panopto? Panopto, like similar services, is best understood as a complete video solution. It allows staff and students to capture video content on a range of devices, edit and upload that content to a YouTube-like platform where it can be shared...

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Questionmark OnDemand EU – Scheduled Maintenance

Questionmark OnDemand EU – Scheduled Maintenance ( We are writing to inform you about upcoming maintenance of the Questionmark OnDemand EU platform ( and advise of potential for downtime/disruption to the service. Maintenance window begins: Saturday, 17-Mar-2018, 7:00 GMT Maintenance window ends: Saturday, 17-Mar-2018, 13:00 GMT Potential for downtime/service disruption: During the maintenance window, Questionmark OnDemand customers (and participants taking assessments) will experience service disruptions. Purpose of the Maintenance The purpose of the maintenance is to deploy system updates to ensure the ongoing reliability, security and uptime of the platform....

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(Resolved) Issue taking Questionmark OnDemand tests on My Dundee

Update 28/02/2018: This issue has now been resolved and Questionmark tests are running again. Users have reported an issue when access Questionmark OnDemand tests on My Dundee. Effected students receive a message saying “Sorry, an unexpected error has occurred, please try again”. This issue has been reported to UoD IT who will work with the vendor to find a resolution asap. We will issue further guidance and information once we know...

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Advance Notice: Safe Assign Maintenance (Thur March 8th 8am – 2pm)

We have been informed by Blackboard that Safe Assign will be unavailable between 8 AM and 2 PM (UK time) on March 8th. Please see below for the full message from Blackboard. On March 8, 2018 from approximately 3 AM EST to 9 AM EST, Blackboard will be performing scheduled maintenance on SafeAssign.  During this time, the service will be unavailable to accept papers and any student submissions made during this period will not receive Originality Reports. This maintenance window represents the final migration of SafeAssign into the cloud-based AWS infrastructure that has been planned since mid-2017 and began...

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My Dundee’s assignments, or Turnitin?

We have 2 main systems that allow students to upload work to be assessed – Turnitin or directly via My Dundee (Blackboard). While Turnitin (accessed from My Dundee) remains the preferred option, there are some instances when My Dundee is more suitable. There are a number of reasons for recommending Turnitin generally The improved similarity checking. It allows for a larger file size for similarity checking. It allows for a more consistent approach across the university. N.B. If you are marking with student names visible, then many of the Blackboard features are also available if you want to use Turnitin for similarity checking. Type of assessment Turnitin Blackboard (My Dundee)  Text based artefact (i.e essay) – individual. Preferred will work, but not preferred File size limited. Text based artefact – group (1 essay, 1 mark) Does not work Preferred Artefact that contains a lot of text (e.g. excel, Powerpoint etc) Preferred will work, but not preferred File size limited Non text based artefact (e.g video) Not suitable at present Cannot be similarity checked. Marking tool not currently enabled for work that can’t be similarity checked. Preferred.  Cannot be similarity checked. Marking tool is enabled for work that can’t be similarity checked. Extended text report (e.g. dissertation) Preferred Possible to upload to Turnitin for similarity checking only, and off line marking (possible, but fiddly, if it’s also anonymous). Could also...

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Advance notice: Turnitin Scheduled maintenance. (Sat 17th March – 4pm-10pm)

Turnitin  have announced a service period on Saturday March 17th between 4pm and 10pm (UK time) The following is the message that we received from them: Scheduled Maintenance We’re just dropping you a note to let you know that the following Turnitin services will be unavailable on March 17, 2018: Turnitin and TurnitinUK (including all integrations) Feedback Studio for iOS iThenticate WriteCheck To ensure that services remain stable, particularly during high submission periods, this maintenance will include several hardware updates and performance improvements. When will services be unavailable? PST   March 17 8am – 2pm GMT  March 17 4pm –...

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Qwickly JOT assignment

Qwickly Jot is an assignment tool available in My Dundee. Using Qwickly Jot you can create assignments with diagrams, charts, maps and more for students to write on directly in Blackboard. This type of assignment isn’t marked by the tool – it’s one that the lecturer has to mark. Qwickly have developed this  video  to demonstrate what could be...

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New Tool: Qwickly Jot Assignment.

Some staff will have seen the Qwickly tool on the My Dundee landing page, which is useful for making modules available, and posting announcements to multiple modules. We now have the Qwickly Jot Assignments – which will let staff upload images for students to mark up. There is more information (and a video) on our help...

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Questionmark OnDemand Issue (resolved)

Update (21/02/2018): This has been resolved. We are working with the vendor to identify the cause in order to improve future stability. Update (20/02/2018): This has been declared an major incident by UoD IT. You can follow the issue on the IT Blog. We’re experiencing issues with the Questionmark OnDemand service affecting users taking a ‘second attempt’ at a formative assessment.  This issue appeared over the weekend and we are in touch with the vendor trying to discover the root cause of this issue. If you are experiencing issues when taking subsequent attempts, please let us know at We’d appreciate that you double check that you are not experiencing 3rd party cookie issues before reporting – Questionmark OnDemand requires users to have third party cookies enabled to function. We’ll update this message when we have more...

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Academic Integrity event.

On Friday 9th Feb, Dundee played host to one of 3 Academic Integrity roadshows run by Turnitin. The day focussed on contract cheating, a phrase coined by Lancaster and Clarke.

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Day 5: Involving the students (part 1)

Yesterday, we looked at allowing students to see what others have created for their assignment – how about extending this to getting students to set quiz questions for each other – Today, we have  a guest post by Dr. Carolina Kuepper-Tetzel. about that. An evidence-based strategy that promotes retention of taught material and fosters understanding of material is retrieval practice. Retrieval practice means that students actively bring information to mind – without looking at their notes. The idea it to test oneself on a regular basis on previously-taught material. Frequent quizzing is the key for long-term retention of knowledge....

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