Ultra 101: August sign-ups open

We are pleased to offer more sessions of our successful back-to-basics training series focused on the new Ultra modules and our core digital education toolkit. Complementing the practice based Learning X series, these sessions offer step-by-step look at the key...

Distance learning forum meeting Thursday 25 June

I hope all of you are still keeping safe while we wait anxiously for more instructions on our easing. Although, it may be awhile before we have that F2F interaction in our lovely and long missed campus, I am happy to say that we are gifted with the amazing technology we currently have and can still meet online.

This now brings me on to say that with lots of changes happening around our teaching, with preparation for our ‘on campus’ students the next academic year and our move towards a blended approach, we have a fantastic opportunity, to help build on the amazing skills and experience from our online distance learning programmes. I would think that this is the theme that has been silently running thorough our many meetings on the DLF. Therefore, we have decided to squeeze in another meeting this month and look forward to seeing you on Thursday 25 June, 15.00-16.00 hrs, on Teams. If you wish to attend this session but are not a member, you are very welcome. And to all, feel free to join in 5 minutes earlier to say ‘hello’.

The session will be led by a member of the Centre for Technology and Innovation in Learning (CITL), updating us on what’s been done so far in this space and how we can contribute.

We hope that it will be an enlightening, informative and exciting afternoon for all. It will also be an excellent opportunity to virtually get to know our colleagues/ distant learning enthusiast from around the University. Please join us to find out more in detail, and also to have some healthy discussion. This meeting will be recorded and the recording will be available on our Teams page. We sincerely look forward to seeing you next week.

Please share this email with anyone else who may be interested. You can access this meeting by clicking on the link, Join Microsoft Teams Meeting.

Best Wishes,
Qabirul & Susie

ABC Design Workshops: An exploration

As with digital education teams across all Universities, here in CTIL we’re helping staff to adjust to a very different way of teaching in 20/21. While we have been wanting to support staff to make greater use of technology to support learning – it’s...

Live hand drawn content

One of the more common questions we’ve been asked in the CTIL team is how to incorporate hand drawn content – such as equations, graphs etc. I saw a tweet from James Clay, leading to his post on just this issue  – using a tablet as a...

Online Exam Update: Students

This email was sent out to all students in My Dudnee 26/04/2020.     read 26 April 2020 Online Exam Update: Students Centre for Technology & Innovation in Learning   Dear Students   Tomorrow is the official start of our first ever fully online...

Exam Diet Update 26/04/2020

Dear Colleagues Our first 100% online exam diet starts tomorrow with over 250 registered exams being delivered through My Dundee in the coming weeks. This is no small task for the academics, administrative staff, support services and – most importantly –...

CTIL Update 27/03/2020

This message was emailed to all Instructors 27/03/2020     read online 27 March 2020 CTIL Update 27/03/2020 Centre for Technology & Innovation in Learning   Dear Colleagues The reliability of services is more important than ever, so I want to give...

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