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There has been a lot interest in the idea of using WordPress to provide innovative digital spaces to support our learning and teaching. We’re currently in the process of developing a pilot to test such a service using CampusPress, the company behind the popular EduBlogs. This pilot will explore the viability of using WordPress in various roles including:

  • Online learning spaces (as a supplement to My Dundee)
  • Customisable e-portfolios for students.
  • Information portals for schools, disciplines and others to better communicate with their audience.
  • Blogs to support the sharing of knowledge, experience and good practice across our community.

Our main goal of this initial pilot is to examine the possibilities WordPress could provide as well as explore the practical implications of scaling up such a provision.

5 thoughts on “Learning Community WordPress Pilot

  1. Hi Hamish,
    We’ve just wrapped up this year’s Internship Module which was the first year of an assessed portfolio using WordPress in addition to myDundee so it will be interesting to learn more about this pilot.

    1. Hi Stephanie. We’re putting together the scope and goals of the pilot at the moment and we’ll definitely be looking for activities like yours. I’ll be in touch directly in the summer to discuss this.

    1. Hi Kevin,
      Yes, we’re aware of MedBlogs. In part, it’s their success that has lead us to looking at CampusPress, as it will make it much easier for more staff to make use of it in the way that the Medical School does, as well as other uses; e.g. Education have had students using WordPress within GLOW (the network for Scottish Schools) to create ePortfolios. With this, we can extend that idea to students beyond those in Education.

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