Questionmark OnDemand: Update

The planned upgrade and migration of Questionmark to the cloud based OnDemand service has hit some technical and procedural issues. Our priority is to deliver a consistent service for both high-stakes and formative assessment, so we will be delaying transition until we are able to guarantee that consistency. We will continue the provision of our Questionmark on-premise, with only some minor procedural changes, until further notice.

What’s Happening Now

We initiated the migration of Questionmark (QM) to On Demand because the supplier announced that they had ceased support for integration with My Dundee for on-premise customers.  This move would have allowed us similar integration from OnDemand, along with the additional benefits of a cloud delivered service. As we are unable to proceed with the move at this point we will continue to use our existing on-premise version of QM. This leaves the challenge of how we will maintain the provision of QM through My Dundee.

The Short-Term Solution

Together with UoDIT, we have come up with some work arounds that will allow users to continue their use of QM in My Dundee. As usual, all standard QM assessments in My Dundee have been switched off, awaiting refresh for the new academic year. When our assessment team are contacted to have these instances re-instated, changed or a new assessment is requested, one of two options will be chosen for delivery depending on the specific requirements: SCORM or Link. The difference between these options will be explained and discussed with requesters on a case by case basis.

The key point to highlight is that the experience for both staff and students will be mostly unchanged and assessments will still be taken in the same way as in previous years.

Where there are other use-cases for QM beyond the above we will be in touch directly with affected schools/disciplines to facilitate a consistency of service.

High Stakes Exams

High stakes exams taken under exam conditions (sitting in a computer lab) are unaffected by this and the existing exams schedule in the coming months will go ahead as in previous years.

Long Term Solution

Our parallel challenge is to iron-out the issues around our transition to the new QM platform. Since we have missed the planned summer window, we will move to a gradual transition process. We will inform users at every step of this operation and provide training and support as required.

In the meantime, we ask people to bear with us while we balance the delivery of a consistent service, while continuing to work toward the stability of the new platform.

Any questions about any of this should be directed to


– Hamish Loveday

– Senior Educational Technologist, Centre for Technology and Innovation in Learning (CTIL)

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