When we first came up with the idea of Learning X, we hoped to be able to involve other staff, both for the blog based seasons, but also for the idea of Learning X Live, the series of face to face sessions held in the Strawberry Bank Ideas lab. We have had a number of locally arranged sessions (such as one looking at visitors and residents ). This session was, however, the first when we had presenters from the rest of the University.

Susie Schofield, from the Medical School, and Jenny Woof from Biomedial Sciences joined with us to look at the benefits for both markers and students when staff use rubrics to help them with the marking. Susie outlined the benefits of rubrics generally, while Jenny looked at her experiences of working with a large team of markers, using rubrics.

The presentation is available to Dundee staff via Office 365.

Groups discussing rubrics

Groups discussing rubrics

In groups, staff then started to look at the different ways that they are using rubrics already in their disciplines – or how they might apply them. To help with the discussions, we made available examples of rubrics  and generic criteria from Dundee and other Universities. (Examples in Box – Dundee staff only).  We had staff from most schools in the University –  Medical School, DJCAD, Humanities and more, this lead to lively discussions, clearly there are some expectations in student performance that differ greatly across the university, but there are others that all expect their students to be able to do as graduates.

Staff looking at a shared screen.

Looking at different criteria.


From my point of view, I felt that the session went very well; and the comments invited from staff seemed to show that they also found it beneficial  (see the last few slides on the presentation).

If you have any ideas for other sessions you’d like to see as part of the Learning X series, please let us know.