My Dundee’s assignments, or Turnitin?

We have 2 main systems that allow students to upload work to be assessed – Turnitin or directly via My Dundee (Blackboard). While Turnitin (accessed from My Dundee) remains the preferred option, there are some instances when My Dundee is more suitable. There are a number of reasons for recommending Turnitin generally

  1. The improved similarity checking.
  2. It allows for a larger file size for similarity checking.
  3. It allows for a more consistent approach across the university.

N.B. If you are marking with student names visible, then many of the Blackboard features are also available if you want to use Turnitin for similarity checking.

Type of assessment Turnitin Blackboard (My Dundee) 
Text based artefact (i.e essay) – individual. Preferred will work, but not preferred
File size limited.
Text based artefact – group (1 essay, 1 mark) Does not work Preferred
Artefact that contains a lot of text (e.g. excel, Powerpoint etc) Preferred will work, but not preferred
File size limited
Non text based artefact (e.g video) Not suitable at present
Cannot be similarity checked.
Marking tool not currently enabled for work that can’t be similarity checked.
Cannot be similarity checked.
Marking tool is enabled for work that can’t be similarity checked.
Extended text report (e.g. dissertation) Preferred
Possible to upload to Turnitin for similarity checking only, and off line marking (possible, but fiddly, if it’s also anonymous).
Could also mark on line if required.
Possible, however, file size is limited, so may hit maximum file size if students have many images etc.
If Similarity checking not required, then files can be much larger
Students can upload multiple times. Yes (though time restrictions in frequency speed of generation of similarity reports, was once / 24 hours)
Can be prevented if staff prefer
Can restrict to a set number of times.
Marking preferences
Similarity Report Preferred
Note that the database of source material is more limited than Turnitin.
Anonymous marking possible. Yes Yes
Offline marking Only via iPad Preferred
Audio comment Preferred
Can record externally and link to recording.
Attaching files with feedback. Only via a link within the feedback box. Preferred
Yes – including multiple files.
Overall text comment Yes Yes
Rubrics / marking criteria Yes Yes
Make rubrics available to students pre-submission No (though you can create a screenshot of the rubric etc,. to share with the students) Preferred
Second marking (true double blind) No
They are working on this – a current work round is to have 2 submission boxes, and request students submit twice
Yes, part of the delegated marking features. Note that if you need to change the delegation etc., it can get muddled.

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