One of the behind the scenes changes to Blackboard has meant that for some users, the left menu isn’t visible – as below.

To see the menu, hover over the blue bar – and when a grey arrow appears, click on it.

There are 3 reasons why your screen might default to this layout.

  • It’s a relatively low resolution screen (most commonly seen in classroom data projectors).
  • You have a high resolution screen, but you’ve set your font size to be more than 100% (to make it easier to read).
  • You have a high resolution screen, but you’ve got the browser set to not open to full width.

If you have a black bar across the top – and no blue bar at the side, then it could have switched to the mobile view. To see the menu items, click the > on the left.

If you are using Blackboard on a phone/tablet, you may prefer to use the Blackboard App to access your materials. (If you are a staff member, you’ll need the Blackboard App for those modules you’re a student on, and Instructor for those you’re an instructor on)