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Recent Turnitin Issues.

As some staff have noticed, Turnitin has had a number of short lived, but annoying, periods of down time recently. They have published a  letter from the CEO, looking at the recent issues and, more critically, what they are doing to mitigate issues in the future. In particular they have said: During this peak grading season, we have stringently limited updates to our offerings. Our top priority is a reliable user experience. We have convened a Task Force to: Analyze the recent interruptions and map the specific features and functions that have been unavailable to our customers at these times. Review the policies and procedures around the detail and amount of information we provide around service interruptions. Update our change management procedures to ensure optimal alignment with academic calendars and our customers’ needs. We are committed to providing more transparent incident reviews and root-cause analysis, including a new and improved Turnitin Status page. This means that educators and students will have a more rigorous understanding of what features and functionality were affected by an interruption. In addition to the Turnitin Status page above that they have linked to, you may also like to subscribe to email updates (link on status page), and/or to follow @TurnitinStatus on...

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Turnitin Service Alert – Now resolved

We have just received the following message from Turnitin. You may have experienced issues viewing submissions within the Feedback Studio. This was down to a service disruption affecting the performance of Turnitin and Turnitin UK. The service was affected between 8 and 10.40 this morning. NOTE: They advise that you clear the cache before re-trying to mark work. Stay up to date with Turnitin system status by following @TurnitinStatus on Twitter. Tweets by...

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Using CampusPack Wiki (Students)

What is a wiki? You’ve probably all used a Wiki – wikipedia is the most used wiki – but there are others. The first wiki was built by Ward Cunningham in 1994, and was designed to be a web site that is very easy to edit – you didn’t have to know anything about building a website. The word wiki comes from the Hawaiian for quick. Wikis haven’t really changed since then – they’re a set of linked web pages that are very easy for non-technical users to edit. What is a CampusPack Wiki? It’s quite simply a Wiki that’s set up using a tool called CampusPack, and embedded in My Dundee. The lecturer who sets it up can control who can see / edit the wiki – one of the typical ways of using it is for the whole class to be able to edit the wiki, so you can collaborate together to create a wiki. Starting out. 1:  You. You can edit this to show an image of yourself, you can see what work you have done on the wiki (and other CampusPack tools right across My Dundee). 2: The title of the Wiki (and the module it’s in). 3: This is where you’ll probably spend most time – either looking at existing pages, or creating a new page. 4: You can either search this wiki (the...

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Advance Notice: Safe Assign Maintenance (Monday April 2nd 8am – 2pm )

We have been informed by Blackboard that Safe Assign will be unavailable between 8 AM and 2 PM (UK time) on April 2nd. [Note: This was the maintenance that was originally scheduled for March 8th] Please see below for the full message from Blackboard. On April 2nd 2018 from approximately 3 AM EST to 9 AM EST, Blackboard will be performing scheduled maintenance on SafeAssign.  During this time, the service will be unavailable to accept papers and any student submissions made during this period will not receive Originality Reports. This maintenance window represents the final migration of SafeAssign into...

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