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Author: Emma

Student Competition – Students against Contract Cheating.

You have probably seen news reports recently of students engaging in “contract cheating” – particularly as there is currently pressure on the Government to ban the essay mills that supply the essays. In order to raise students awareness of the implications for themselves if they engage in contract cheating, October 17th has been designated International Day of Action against Contract Cheating To support this, Turnitin is running a competition for students to design something (poster, film, etc) to raise students awareness of this issue – you could win £1,000 and have your work showcased globally. For more information, see...

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Introducing blogging … on paper

As we start to roll the Learning Spaces pilot further out we’ve been thinking about how to get students to consider both the practical “how to” of blogging, and also the often more difficult to express, “why to”, what benefits does blogging really bring for students. I’ve just had 2 sessions with some students from DJCAD, 1st years on the Social Digital group of degrees, and 2nd years on the Design and Craft group of degrees. The lecturers wanted the students to blog for 2 main purposes, to allow students to reflect on their own learning, including supporting each...

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Staff Drop in Sessions

We run staff drop-ins every Tuesday & Thursday, 12-2pm in Exchange Street, Booth 5 (Main Library, 1st Floor, the booth in the corner). These sessions are for staff to ask anything about how they use My Dundee and other digital learning services. So whether you want to revamp your course design or have a niggling problem to solve, drop in and see...

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Left menu disappeared in your My Dundee Modules?

One of the behind the scenes changes to Blackboard has meant that for some users, the left menu isn’t visible – as below. To see the menu, hover over the blue bar – and when a grey arrow appears, click on it. There are 3 reasons why your screen might default to this layout. It’s a relatively low resolution screen (most commonly seen in classroom data projectors). You have a high resolution screen, but you’ve set your font size to be more than 100% (to make it easier to read). You have a high resolution screen, but you’ve got the browser set to not open to full width. If you have a black bar across the top – and no blue bar at the side, then it could have switched to the mobile view. To see the menu items, click the > on the left. Click the > to close the menu Click the X to close the menu If you are using Blackboard on a phone/tablet, you may prefer to use the Blackboard App to access your materials. (If you are a staff member, you’ll need the Blackboard App for those modules you’re a student on, and Instructor for those you’re an instructor...

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