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Author: Emma

Left menu disappeared in your My Dundee Modules?

One of the behind the scenes changes to Blackboard has meant that for some users, the left menu isn’t visible – as in the image. To see the menu, hover over the blue bar – and when a grey arrow appears, click on it. There are 3 reasons why your screen might default to this layout. It’s a relatively low resolution screen (most commonly seen in classroom data projectors). You have a high resolution screen, but you’ve set your font size to be more than 100% (to make it easier to read). You have a high resolution screen, but you’ve got the browser set to not open to full width....

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My first Wikipedia article

During the week, I attended a highly interactive workshop during the week in the Engine Shed in Stirling, lead by Sara Thomas, the Scotland Programme Coordinator for Wikimedia UK. While aimed at public library staff, I wasn’t the only person from a University there.

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Updates to Feedback Studio (Turnitin)

Those of you who are observant, may have noticed a new slider button at the bottom of Feedback Studio. Turnitin have recently introduced a new high resolution view of the students paper, but this does mean it’s a larger file size, so you may find disabling the high resolution useful for papers that are loading slowly. However, using the high resolution may find the papers are clearer and easier to read. Turnitin’s release notes have more about this, and other recent updates. One of the main recent updates was improving the speed of opening quickmarks for review/edit after they have...

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Webinars from Blackboard

Blackboard (the software powering My Dundee) run webinars covering a range of items of interest to users. In the past, these tended to be aimed at support teams, however, they have now started to run some aimed at those who work directly with the learners. There are 2 series that are running in the next few weeks. Collaborate A series of 10 webinars over 10 days, looking at many aspects of getting the most out of Collaborate to support students. More information and register on Blackboard’s website Accessibility Global awareness of accessibility A day to think, talk and learn about inclusive education and digital access. More information and register on Blackboard’s...

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