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Author: Natalie

Are you a digital resident or a digital visitor?

As part of our series exploring the Digital Scholar we’re running a workshop to help explore how we are engaging with digital spaces and digital technologies.  This session also links with our previous Learning X series on Learning footprints.  Staff and students are welcome to attend the workshop and you don’t need to have worked through any of the online activities beforehand. The workshop will have a go at debunking the myth around digital natives and digital immigrants and asking you to think about how you use different technologies in your personal and professional lives.  By using a scholarly/research...

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Day 1: Where do you learn?

In today’s Learning X we look at the concept of personal learning environments (PLEs). For each of us this will look different and include the physical and digital spaces where we learn and the different tools that support our learning whether that paper and pen or digital tools and apps.

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Day 2: Making over your module: Inspiration?

Building on this week’s Learning X theme of Module Makeover take a moment to think about how you approach giving your home a makeover or doing a spot of decorating.  Some of us like to keep things simple and take the easy approach, going for cream or magnolia walls in every room.  For others giving a room a makeover is serious business.  Home interior magazines and design blogs are scoured, Pinterest boards created, interior designers and retailers are followed on Instagram whilst YouTube and TV shows serve as further inspiration. Building on all this research some individuals make mood...

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