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Category: On Demand News

Move to Questionmark On-Demand

As you may know, we have been in the process of transitioning our Questionmark service from the self-hosted ‘Perception’ to the new cloud-hosted ‘On-Demand’ (OD) service. This project was meant to be completed over the summer but was unexpectedly delayed. The delay has now been resolved and we are able to move forward once again. Read on for details of the new project schedule..

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Questionmark OnDemand: Update

The planned upgrade and migration of Questionmark to the cloud based OnDemand service has hit some technical and procedural issues. Our priority is to deliver a consistent service for both high-stakes and formative assessment, so we will be delaying transition until we are able to guarantee that consistency. We will continue the provision of our Questionmark on-premise, with only some minor procedural changes, until further notice.

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