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Category: HELP

Setting up an assignment in Turnitin

Updated August 2018 to reflect recent changes.  Turnitin is a service that enables staff to create an electronic dropbox for assignments (formative or summative), to check work for similarity to other work, and to enable online...

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Using CampusPack Wiki (Students)

What is a wiki? You’ve probably all used a Wiki – wikipedia is the most used wiki – but there are others. The first wiki was built by Ward Cunningham in 1994, and was designed to be a web site that is very easy...

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Using the iOS app for marking.

Turnitin have an iOS app, allowing you to mark offline. This was updated (March 15th) – and now has a different (easier) way to add modules from my Dundee. [Note: Turnitin does not have Android / Windows / Mac apps]...

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My Dundee’s assignments, or Turnitin?

We have 2 main systems that allow students to upload work to be assessed – Turnitin or directly via My Dundee (Blackboard). While Turnitin (accessed from My Dundee) remains the preferred option, there are some instances...

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