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My Dundee’s assignments, or Turnitin?

We have 2 main systems that allow students to upload work to be assessed – Turnitin or directly via My Dundee (Blackboard). While Turnitin (accessed from My Dundee) remains the preferred option, there are some instances when My Dundee is more suitable. There are a number of reasons for recommending Turnitin generally The improved similarity checking. It allows for a larger file size for similarity checking. It allows for a more consistent approach across the university. N.B. If you are marking with student names visible, then many of the Blackboard features are also available if you want to use Turnitin for similarity checking. Type of assessment Turnitin Blackboard (My Dundee)  Text based artefact (i.e essay) – individual. Preferred will work, but not preferred File size limited. Text based artefact – group (1 essay, 1 mark) Does not work Preferred Artefact that contains a lot of text (e.g. excel, Powerpoint etc) Preferred will work, but not preferred File size limited Non text based artefact (e.g video) Not suitable at present Cannot be similarity checked. Marking tool not currently enabled for work that can’t be similarity checked. Preferred.  Cannot be similarity checked. Marking tool is enabled for work that can’t be similarity checked. Extended text report (e.g. dissertation) Preferred Possible to upload to Turnitin for similarity checking only, and off line marking (possible, but fiddly, if it’s also anonymous). Could also...

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Qwickly JOT assignment

Qwickly Jot is an assignment tool available in My Dundee. Using Qwickly Jot you can create assignments with diagrams, charts, maps and more for students to write on directly in Blackboard. This type of assignment isn’t marked by the tool – it’s one that the lecturer has to mark. Qwickly have developed this  video  to demonstrate what could be...

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Blackboard assignments: New Box View

This covers aspects of marking work that was submitted via Blackboard’s assignment tool. As well as some differences in the way that staff can add comments to work, the new view also supports a greater range of file types – though note that if you also want to use Safe Assign for similarity checking, the range of file types remains similar to before. Important: In order for students to see their feedback, staff have to add a mark. It’s not possible to give feedback (visible by students) without also giving the work a mark.  In order to ensure that this works, you will have to have 3rd party cookies enabled. Most users already have them enabled, however, if you try to use the annotation tool, and you get a white screen, you’ll need to enable 3rd party cookies. At present, there are some features that were available in Crocodoc that are not yet available in the New Box View. Box are, however, working with Blackboard to bring in these features, though no time scales are currently available. Additional Information. Blackboard’s Guide Reading University Guide (.pdf) Reading University Guide (web...

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Converting grades from numeric to alphanumeric in My Dundee & Turnitin

When marking in Blackboard and/or Turnitin, you’ll find that you have to enter them as a number, rather than being able to directly enter the alphanumeric grade (e.g. A4) Grading Schema. In order to convert numbers to alphanumeric, you need to have the correct grading schema in your module. To check to see if you have it, go to Course Management / Grade Centre / Full Grade Centre / Manage – then select Grading Schemas. Manage Grading Schemas List of grading schemas The grading schemas you need are Alphanumeric – marked out of 23, or 23 to Alphanumeric. If you also need to have the conversion from % to Alphanumeric, there are also schemas for that. If you see letter – that is the US letter grade (A+ etc). Uploading a new schema If you find that you need to add the alphanumeric conversion to your module, we have a file containing both the grading schema, (as a zip file) and a Word Document explaining the process. You’ll need to unzip the package, so you have a zip file & a word document.   Download file [UoD Staff only] Attaching the grading schema – Turnitin. When you are setting up a Turnitin assignment – ensure that the Grading Schema is set to the Alphanumeric – 23 scale. You can change this at any point, though if the post date...

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Third Party Cookies

Certain features in My Dundee, such as Turnitin or Campus Pack require the users’ browsers to be set to accept third-party cookies in order to maintain functionality.  A cookies is a small file sent from a website and stored on the user’s computer while the user is browsing. They are used for a number of purposes, in particular storing whether or not you’re logged into a particular site. In this case, Turnitin / CampusPack need to know you’re logged into My Dundee, in order to allow you to access them. Internet Explorer Open Internet Explorer Click on the cogwheel icon in the upper right corner of the screen Select Internet options Click the Privacy tab Click the Advanced button Select the option Override automatic cookie handling Under First-Party Cookies, select Accept or Prompt Under Third-Party Cookies, select Accept or Prompt. Click OK If you prefer not to allow all 3rd party cookies, then you might want to look at Chrome or Firefox. Edge If you are using Windows 10, you may be using Edge, as that is the default browser. Open the main menu, by clicking the 3 dots in the top bar. Select Settings.  Go to advanced settings.  Scroll down to cookies, and select Don’t block cookies (the default is probably Block all cookies If you prefer to only allow some 3rd party cookies, then you may want to try Chrome or Firefox. Safari Open Safari Click on Safari in the upper left corner of the screen,...

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