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My Dundee

Our primary online learning environment for all your module content, online assessments, activities and more. Based on Blackboard Learn.

Collaborate Ultra

A simple and reliable virtual classroom solution to power your online teaching, small group work and web conferencing needs.


Provides instructors & students with a flexible set of tools to capture, edit, distribute and manage video content inside you My Dundee module or separatly.


Reliable online assignment submission, similarity-checking, feedback and marking from inside My Dundee.

Learning Spaces

The power and flexibility of WordPress for use by academics and students. Publish your site within a university managed area, accessing pre-selected themes and plugins. 


Accessible content Is better content. Ally integrates into My Dundee helping instructors deliver more accessible content and allowing students to download a format that suits their needs.

Online Exam Team

The online exam team supports schools to deliver hundreds of digital exams each year, from MCQs with Questionmark to essay based questions with Exam Online.

Digital Media Team

Videography, illustration, animationa and interactive content. Our digital media can help create high quality content to enhace teaching delivery and student engagement.

Academic Enhancement Team

The tools don’t mean anything if their not employed as part of good academic practice. We work with community to share best practice, course design and more. 

Something Missing?

We’re actively developing these services. More content will be coming soon and you’re welcome to get in touch to tell us what’s missing!

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