Create and download recordings from Collaborate

1. Allow recording downloads

To allow students to download your recordings, you must set this up before the session starts.

To do this go into the area for Session Settings (this can be done at the time of set-up, or after set-up but before the session starts).

Under the Recording heading, make sure you’ve selected only Anonymise chat messages and click Save at the bottom of the window. You should not be using the setting for Allow recording downloads per the University of Dundee’s  Policy and guidelines on the recording of lectures.


2. Recording the session

When you’re in your session and you’re ready to begin recording, click the menu on the left-hand side of the window and select Start Recording. When you’re done, go back into the same menu and select Stop Recording. When you’re recording, there will be a small image of a camera with a red dot in the middle of it by the menu icon.

If you’re using Breakout Rooms, the recording will stop automatically once the main room is empty. Once you’re ready to return to the main session, you can resume recording.

Note: We have had a report that if you stop the recording while the breakout groups are running, that the second recording once you return is not saved. Blackboard are investigating this now, but we recommend that you either remain in the main room to prevent the recording from being stopped, or you allow Blackboard to stop the recording automatically rather than stopping this yourself. — 15/10/2020

3. Finding the recording

To find your recording, allow some time after you have stopped recording for the video to be processed. The amount of time this takes could vary, so be patient; however, if it’s been a more than 24 hours, please contact and put FAO CTIL in the subject line.

When the recording is ready, click on the three dots beside Blackboard Collaborate and select the option for View all recordings. In the page that loads, make sure that you change the filter from ‘Upcoming sessions’ to ‘All previous sessions’.

You’ll see a list of all of the recordings for that My Dundee course. Find the one you want to download, and click on the three dots at the furthest right in that row. That will open up a menu that will include options to watch the recording, download it, or change the name.

a screen showing the user what to do