Setting up Collaborate in My Dundee

1 Introduction

To join, create or manage sessions, go into your module – the Collaborate links are in the left-hand menu. 

The ‘Join Session’ link is where you can join all sessions that are open. You can also access the Course Room from here. 

The Course Room is available for you and your students to go in and use at any time. You may want to close it before and/or during your scheduled sessions in order to avoid confusion (this is shown below). 

Screenshot of the Collaborate menu open from the Course Content page of an Ultra module

Click on the ‘…’ menu to Get course room guest link, edit course room settings and Disable course room. From here you can also View any recordings you have taken from your sessions. 

Room reports are covered in section 4 of this guide. 

To set up a session, select the Manage all sessions option. 

2 Create a session

Within the Manage all sessions screen, you can use the filter on the top right-hand side to switch between upcoming session, previous sessions, or sessions within a range. 

To set up a new session, click on the grey Create Session button on the top left-hand side. 

A pop-up window will appear on the right-hand side of the screen which is where you can put in the details of your session. 

2.1 Event details

The first tab is where you will set up the Event Details.  Enter the name of your session at the top. 

Screenshot of create session tab 1

Clicking the Guest access box will generate a link that you can share with users who are not enrolled on your module or guest speakers from other schools/departments. The link will only generate after the session is completed. 

Select the start and end date and times using the calendar and clock functions. Ticking the No end box will keep the session running until you choose to close it (similar to the Course Room).

Ticking the Repeat session box to repeat your session on a recurring basis. Ticking this box gives you the option to select the days it will run on and when it will be repeated (daily, weekly or monthly). You can opt to repeat it every week, every 2 week, etc. You can also choose to end your session after a certain amount of occurrences or on a certain date. 

Early entry gives you the option to allow users (moderators included) into the session early. It is advisable to keep this as 15 mins before start time. 

Click on Provide a description to give further details about your session. 

2.2 Session settings

Click on Provide a description to give further details about your session. 

In the cog wheel/session settings tab you can manage your session settings.

Select the default role you will give to your attendees. There are three possible roles: 

  • Participant – allows students to view the session but not to share content or change settings. 
  • Presenter – has the same permissions as a participant but are able to share content and change settings. 
  • Moderator – has the same permissions as a presenter but is the only role who can remove individuals from sessions. 

You can Allow recording downloads, but it is recommended that you Anonymise chat messages if you do this. 

You may want to disable Share audio and Share video to ensure a quiet/managed session, especially as students enter the room. This can be changed during the session. 

You can configure your chat options from here, allow Large scale sessions and Hide profanity in chat messages

(For more on large scale sessions, check out the guide specifically on sessions with 250-500 users.)

2.3 Setting up attendance recording

The third and final tab is where you can set up attendance reporting. Checking the tick box for Share attendance information with LMS will generate a room report automatically once the session is over. This box needs to be ticked before the session starts. 

You can change the length of time a student will appear as Late after, Absent after and the Required time an attendee must be in the session before they are marked as present. 

Please note that if a student is present in the session, but is there for less than the percentage of time in the Required time section, they will be marked as absent.

When you have finished inputting your session preferences, click Create

For more information on attendance monitoring in Collaborate, check out our guide on this topic.