Extract grades from Gradebook

To obtain a csv file of all grades for a module:

Screenshot highlighting the Gradebook icon and the Download Gradebook icon. Both are highlighted with a purple circle.
  1. Within your module in My Dundee, click on the Gradebook icon.
  2. Click on the Download Gradebook icon (the rectangle with downward pointing arrow). You will be presented with a ‘Download Gradebook’ screen.
  3. Select Full gradebook in the Data section. (If you only require grades for a particular assignment click on Select columns and tick the required assignments.) 
  4. Select Comma (CSV) in the File type section.
  5. Select My device in the Save location section.
  6. Press Download.

You will find further information in the Work Offline with Grade Data: Blackboard Help page. There is also a useful Overview of the Gradebook in Ultra video from Blackboard.