Setting Extra Time in Tests in Assignments

It is useful to note that Blackboard tests and assignments are functionally the same thing, so adding extra time will work the same whether you are creating a Blackboard assignment or test. 

There are two primary ways for adding extra time for students, depending on whether or not you’re using a timer. 

With a timer:

If your test or assignment is using a timer, you can add an accommodation for the student.

  1. To add accommodations for a student in your module, go into the course register
  2. Find the student, and click on the three dots next to their name and select the Accommodations menu option
  3. Tick the option for Time limit accommodation and select one of the three options (50%, 100%, or unlimited)

We recognise that there are limited time limit accommodations, and that many students have 25% extra time accommodations. Unfortunately, these time limit accommodation settings are defined by Blackboard and there is no way for us to add in any other required time limits. We have requested additional time accommodations from Blackboard, but we are restricted by the options in the platform.

For students who need time limit accommodations beyond what Blackboard allows, we recommend adding the next benchmark (e.g. 50% for students who require 25%), then explain to the student their actual time accommodation.

Without a timer:

For assignments and tests without a timer, you can use exceptions to release the assignment early for students who require extra time. 

  1. Go into the assignment and then go into the student submission area
  2. Find the student to whom you wish to add an exception, and click on the three dots in the right column for that student and click on Edit
  3. You can then adjust the visibility settings for that assignment to release it at a pre-determined time.

Note that you can’t adjust the due date, so you’ll need to release the assignment early rather than push the due date back. 


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