Enrolling colleagues on modules

The only members of staff enrolled automatically are those listed by schools at the beginning of the module creation process – sometimes this is only the module lead. As a result, there is often a need for more academics and support staff to be enrolled, whether as teaching assistants or module administrators.

How to enrol your colleagues

Anyone who is already an instructor on a module can enrol other instructors or teaching assistants. You should not be asking Help4u to help with staff enrolments* unless you cannot find a school administrator, module leader or existing instructor to do it for you.

  1. Add staff through the Class Register, clicking on the ‘+’ button at the top right of the screen.
  2. Follow these instructions to understand how enrolment works in an Ultra module.
  3. Use your colleague’s username to search for the required person e.g. jzsmith. This can be found by looking at their email address, removing the dots and the ‘@dundee.ac.uk’ e.g. j.z.smith@dundee.ac.uk becomes ‘jzsmith’
  4. Do not enrol the _PreviewUser account. See details about these accounts and why you should not manually enrol them here.
  5. When choosing a role, see here to understand what each role does. Avoid making everyone an instructor if they do not need that role.

*Note that the reason we don’t do staff enrolments centrally is that modules contain secure data e.g. grades, which should only be accessible to authorised members of staff. Neither CTIL, nor UoDIT know who should and should not have access. It is the responsibility of the module leaders and the Schools to manage this access. 

Key Information

Video showing the easiest way to add a colleague to your Ultra Module
  • Search for users to add by their unique ID i.e. their username
    • Users already enrolled in your module do not appear in the search results.
    • Users who have been manually set to be unavailable in the module i.e. an instructor has unticked the ‘Allow access to course’ option in the Class Register, do not appear in the search results. If you require the user to have access to the module again, any instructor on the module can edit the member information from the Class Register and tick the ‘Allow access to course’ option. 
  • Do not enrol students in your module as this is usually handled by automatic enrolments taken from the Student Records System, SITS. If a student has matriculated and is registered on a module in SITS but still can’t access it in My Dundee, then please report this to Help4U.
  • There are separate instructions on how to enrol colleagues on an ‘original’ module. This will be helpful for users looking to enrol staff on any pre-20/21 modules, and any organisations still using the ‘original’ interface.

You can visit Blackboard Help: Manage and enrol users for further information.


Removing colleagues from a module

Instructors on modules do not currently have permissions to remove other Instructors. If you would like yourself, or another member of staff removed from one or more modules in My Dundee, please complete our Staff Unenrolment form with all of the required information. On completion, an e-mail will be sent to Help4U where your request will be actioned by a member of the CTIL team. If we have any queries regarding the unenrolment, we will contact the person(s) named in the form.

Within the form, you have the option to specify particular module codes you need staff removed from, or you can request things like “all modules with the prefix ZX” or “all modules from the academic year 19/20”. This can be useful when a staff member has moved discipline/School and needs removed from a bulk of modules. Please do make sure to include the UoD username for the staff member(s) you require removed, and also make sure to note the full module code you require them removed from (e.g. ZX11002_SEM0100_1920) as this will help us to ensure they are being removed from the correct instance of the module.