Converting your existing organisations to Ultra

If you are looking to convert your existing organisation to the Ultra interface, we ask that you request a new Ultra organisation by completing our Organisation Request form. You can then export the relevant content from your existing organisation and import it to your new Ultra organisation. (See the Ultra 101 Session on Reusing Content for further help on how to do this.)

Although all new organisations will be created as Ultra organisations, there is no requirement for you to update your existing organisations this academic year, so you may want to consider the following before making the switch:

  1. Within an Ultra module or organisation, you can only create two levels of folders to organise your content. After you already have two levels of folders, you can’t create a third level or upload a folder into the second-level folder. After exporting content from your ‘Original’ organisation and importing it to the new ‘Ultra’ organisation, you may have to spend some time tidying-up some of the imported content, especially if the original organisation makes use of nested folders.
  2. Conditional release of content based on a participant or group is not currently possible in an Ultra module or organisation (although we hope Blackboard will make this available soon). If you use your current organisation to make particular content available to groups of users, e.g. Staff enrolled on the organisation as participants and you have a “Staff Information” area which you use adaptive release rules to control access to (so that students can’t see the information), then you would have to think about how you would make this content available to staff without students accessing it in an Ultra organisation.