Exam Preparation

  • Any issues experienced while preparing your exam modules should be submitted to Help4U.
  • We also run twice weekly drop-in sessions for staff.
  • Any Questionmark related queries (and only QM queries) should go to assess@dundee.ac.uk.
  • CTIL will handle queries about the use of My Dundee and attached assessment tools, UoD IT may be able to answer more general ICT queries.
  • Students should speak to their module leaders/Schools if they have any questions in advance of the exams.

Practice Exams

  • As in previous exam diets, we have placed a link to a form for students to report any technical issues encountered when attempting their practice exam. This is to ensure we get exactly the data we need to respond quickly to any issues.
  • It is important that students are encouraged to access and use the practice exam(s) and are given sufficient time prior to an exam to do this.

Live Exams

  • Students and staff can access Help4U during an exam. Please note that the Help4U Self-Service Portal has a live chat portal for immediate support (available within advertised opening hours).
  • CTIL staff will be available for support during normal working hours: 09:00-17:00.