Marking and Results

Turnitin & Blackboard Assignments

Marking Turnitin and Blackboard Assignment submissions in an exam module should be no different to your live modules and you will be able to start marking student submissions as soon as the due date has passed. The only difference to your live module will be whether you chose to post the results to the Gradebook (after marking is complete) or not. It will often be the case that you chose not to post the results of the exam as they will be downloaded, processed and released centrally.

We would strongly recommend that you make your exam module private after the exam has finished and prior to the commencement of marking. This will ensure that students do not see any grades before they should.

Below are links to a selection of guides that might be useful when it comes to marking student submissions and dealing with the results.


Results from Questionmark exams will not appear in the Gradebook. On completion of a Questionmark exam, the Online Exam Team will export a spreadsheet of results and share this securely with the module leader, unless otherwise instructed.

Some staff have requested access to the Results section of Questionmark to access and export the results themselves. Further information on how to do this can be found in our Accessing Results in Questionmark guide.


Depending on how the Möbius exam was created in the exam module, results may not appear in the Gradebook. On completion of a Möbius exam, instructors can access student results via the link to the Möbius exam. DigitalEd have support materials available on understanding the Gradebook in Möbius.