Integrating Padlet into Blackboard

You can link any of your Padlets into any of your Blackboard modules by following the steps below. We recommend that you have two tabs open – one with your My Dundee module and one with Padlet.

  1. On your module in My Dundee click the + icon in the Course Content section
  2. On the drop-down menu click Create
  3. Then click Teaching tools with LTI connection
Blackboard create item menu highlighting Teaching Tools with LTI connection option highlighted
  1. Click the New LTI date at the top to rename the link
  2. Go to your Padlet site, find the item you want to add and go to Share at the top right
  1. In the right-hand menu, click Add to your LMS as an external tool. After this is done more options will appear. Please ensure that your Padlet’s privacy is set to Secret.
  1. Click copy on the (Secure) Launch/Tool URL. Go back into your module in My Dundee, and paste this URL into the Configuration URL box
  2. In Padlet, copy the Consumer key. Go back to your module page, and paste this into the Key section 
  3. In Padlet, copy the Shared secret. Go back into your module in My Dundee, and paste it into the Security Token 
  4. In Padlet, copy the Custom Parameters. Go back into your My Dundee module and click Add Customer Parameters and paste the parameters from Padlet
  5. In your module, add a description so your students know what Padlet they’re accessing
  6. Click Save

Your Padlet will now show as a rocket icon with the name and description you gave it.

Add to LMS menu