Posting grades in Ultra

When you set up your assignment, you’ll have entered a Feedback Release Date (with a date sufficiently in the future). In Original courses, this posted the grades to students automatically from the Grade Centre. In Ultra, this works a bit differently, and you’ll have to take an additional step to release the grades to your students. 

What the feedback release date does: this releases the marks and feedback to students from the LTI link – where students uploaded their submissions. This does not post the marks from the Gradebook itself, so students won’t see their grades here when they go to see their course marks.

Once you’re ready for the marks and feedback to be released to students, you can adjust this date to make it occur sooner. To adjust this, go to the submission area and click on the cog wheel in the right-hand corner of the window. Click on the Feedback Release Date and edit it to the appropriate date.

Once a Feedback Release Date has passed, this cannot be undone. You can, however, hide the item which will prevent students from seeing the feedback. This will also prevent students from being able to submit any work to this submission point.

To release the grades, from the course content page of your module click on the Gradebook icon. This is fourth icon at the top of the screen, and looks like a document with a pencil icon in the corner. 

Find the Turnitin assignment that you’re ready to release the marks for, and click on the grey Post Marks button. This will release the marks for all of the students for that assignment. It will also automatically release the marks for any student work for that assignment they was not yet marked when you clicked Post Marks, so be sure that you’re ready for this to be released. 

Screenshot of the Gradebook in Ultra with a circle around the gradebook icon and an arrow pointing at the post marks button