Setting up an assignment in Turnitin

Turnitin is a service that enables staff to create an electronic dropbox for assignments (formative or summative), to check work for similarity to other work, and to enable online marking and feedback for students. It is integrated into both MyDundee and Moodle.

Though these notes cover the use of Turnitin in MyDundee (Blackboard) the options available in Moodle are generally the same, though the interface may look a little different.

To add an assignment, click on the + in your module and select External Apps, then select Turnitin.

Assignment Details

Title: Name the assignment something clear and descriptive.

Instructions: You can use the instructions for information specific to this assignment (e.g. if you want students to use their matric numbers as the name of the work when they upload it)

Max Grade: If you are using the 23 point alphanumeric scale, then put 23 in. If you are using Turnitin for formative work, or dissertation similarity checking, then you may wish to use 0.

Dates: The start date is when students can start to submit work (prior to that, they will see inactive by a dropbox) Due time should be noon. Feedback release date should be three weeks after the due date, for work that is being formally marked.

Remember that once the feedback has been released, there’s no way to change this date to one in the future.

Submission settings

Submit papers to: Normally, leave as set. However, if you are doing formative work and intend to have a different dropbox for the final submission, then change the top from standard to no repository. (That avoids students apparently having plagiarised themselves)

Screenshot of assignment settings in Turnitin with 'Allow Late submissions' and 'enable anonymous marking' selected

You can use the tick boxes below this to:

  • Allow submissions of any file type – This should only be selected if you do not want to use Turnitin for similarity checking – but use it just for marking/feedback. In most cases, you will probably find Blackboard’s submission tool more suited to non-text assessments.
  • Allow late submissions – in most cases, students should be allowed to submit late. All late submissions will appear red in the submission in box.
  • Enable anonymous marking – the university guidelines state that where practical, work should be marked anonymously, though there are exceptions (e.g. reflections on teaching practice, final projects etc), and formative work may not be anonymous.
  • Attach a rubric – if you use a rubric or grading form in your marking, you can attach it at the point of creating the submission. This allows students to see the rubric before they upload the work, so that they can check they have met all the requirements of the assignment. If you do not want students to see the rubric pre-submission, you can add it at the start of marking.
Compare against

Leave the compare against settings to select all (should be set as default).

Screenshot of the Compare Against section of Turnitin with all items selected

Similarity Report

Generate Similarity Reports for student submission:  This refers to the similarity report.  Ideally, this should be set to “generate reports immediately (students can resubmit until due date)”. This setting, combined with allowing students to see the originality reports, enables them to use it for formative self-help feedback.

Allow students to view Similarity Reports: This should be selected by default. If you do not want your students to see their similarity reports, please inform them of this.

Exclusions: Leave all as shown (these should be the defaults). Both staff and students (if they can see the similarity reports) can adjust reports to see the impact including/excluding the quotes etc., makes.

Additional settings/Save these settings for future use: We recommend selecting this if you will be using the same settings frequently.

Screenshot of Turnitin Similarity Report section with 'allow students to view similarity reports' and 'save these settings' selected

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