Ultra 101

In the summer of 2020, we ran a programme of basic training workshops covering the key aspects of using My Dundee to deliver your teaching. Below you can find the recordings along with further resources broken down into the key topics.

Note that we are create a brand-new induction programme for the summer of 2021 ready for the new academic year. This will be hosted in My Dundee and build on this work to offer a more structure and comprehensive set of training resources.

  1. Getting Started with Ultra Modules
  2. Adding content to your modules
  3. Reusing content
  4. Communication
  5. Video Recording 1: PowerPoint
  6. Using Collaborate
  7. Discussions, Conversations and Journals
  8. Using Turnitin in Ultra
  9. Assignments and Tests
  10. Welcome to the gradebook
  11. Accessibility tools in My Dundee
  12. Video Recording 2: YuJa
  13. Attendance monitoring in My Dundee