Learning Community WordPress Pilot

There has been a lot interest in the idea of using WordPress to provide innovative digital spaces to support our learning and teaching. We’re currently in the process of developing a pilot to test such a service using CampusPress, the company behind the popular EduBlogs. This pilot will explore the viability of using WordPress in various roles including: Online learning spaces (as a supplement to My Dundee) Customisable e-portfolios for students. Information portals for schools, disciplines and others to better communicate with their audience. Blogs to support the sharing of knowledge, experience and good practice across our community. Our...

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My Dundee Module Rollovers 2017/18 (resolved)

  This week, we have started meeting with administrative and E Learning staff in each school to discuss the creation of modules for 2017/18. We’re not changing the process fundamentally from last year, other than making it more structured. Our goal is simply to make sure that the process of module creation and student enrolment is smooth and error free. We shall be making the most of this summer’s work to inform future improvement of the process. In the long run, we’d like to give schools more power over their modules and improve automation where...

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My Dundee July Upgrade

My Dundee will be upgraded to the Q4 2016 release during the week starting the 17th July. UoDIT will take My Dundee offline on the Monday and it will remain offline until the 21st at the latest. We will release more details about any changes this upgrade will bring to the user experience nearer the time and information about the downtime will be communicated by...

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Dundee GovJam 2017

I’ve just spent a fascinating (and tiring) 2 and a bit days at the DundeeGovJam – and the easiest summary is probably to point to a few key URLs: Dundee GovJam Park-in-a-Box – the project I was involved with. #DnDGovJam – a well used twitter hash tag. I’m full of ideas, the main one being “How we can apply this to what we’re doing in the CTIL team?” I see that the work we’re doing looking at what My Dundee should / could etc., do, should actually be looking at 2 main themes: How do you want to learn? How to you want to teach?...

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Day 4: Sharing Resources

There are a lot of ways to publish and share content. Where you decide to publish your work will depend on the type of content and the audience that you want to reach and how you want to licence it. Photographs, pieces of writing, videos, presentations, data and 3D models can all be shared in different places, with some platforms better suited to particular types of content. It’s important review the terms and conditions of any publishing platform you choose to make sure that you’re not transferring or losing the rights to your own work.

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Day 3: Searching – Beyond images

Over the last two days, we have concentrated primarily on images; both those that are creative commons, and those that are licensed via the University. However, many staff want resources that aren’t images to support their learning resources. If you looked at the State of the Commons report in the first day of this course, then you’ll know that Creative Commons licences are applied to all media types. We will be looking at some of these today.

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Jisc Digifest – a reflection

Over the years, I have followed Jisc’s Digifest with interest, whether it was online via SecondLife, or, more recently, via Twitter, blog posts and all the other social media my contacts and I both use – no doubt I missed a lot from those SM channels I’m not active in.
This year, however, I got to go.

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