The Art at the Start project is a collaboration between art psychotherapist Vicky Armstrong and experimental psychologist Dr Josephine Ross. We are interested in the impact participation in art can have upon the social well-being of young children and how shared art experiences may help to build strong attachment relationships: What happens when young children make art together with their important adults? How does engagement with the arts contribute to a child’s individual development? How can we describe what is happening when making art? Can we show that art making is creating change in a measurable way?

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, our project is putting out regular art activity ideas for little ones during the current lockdown over our website and Twitter/Facebook pages. Making art together is incredibly important for our children’s wellbeing, and with many having to homeschool children in these difficult times, these activity ideas and worksheets are a great way to keep your wee ones engaged in their important artistic developments. This Art at the Start infographic demonstrates just how important making art together is for our children: How Art Making Together Helps young children

For #WellTogether week, Art at the Start have provided this fantastic worksheet of a new sculpture activity that you can do with the wee ones at home. The Worksheet is available for you to download and print – simply click on the link here – Sculpture with Wee Ones Worksheet

Don’t forget that there are also plenty of other activities and worksheets being made available on the Art at the Start website to help you and your children engage with fun art activities in the house together – so go ahead and get messy with your little people!

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