The Doctoral Academy’s first Images of Research competition received 25 eligible submissions for consideration by our expert panel. PGRs were asked to portray their research in a single image along with a 50 word description, providing a great way to showcase public engagement abilities, increase research profiles and get creative all at the same time.

Each entrant was asked to choose a research theme category that they feel matches their submission most closely. This year’s categories were based on our four interdisciplinary research themes:

  • Understanding and improving health and wellbeing
  • Life-enhancing creativity and design
  • Innovating technological solutions to tomorrow’s problems
  • Promoting social change to enhance diversity, justice and socio-economic prosperity

The Doctoral Academy has thoroughly enjoyed exploring the fantastic research being done by their PGRs through the images and short descriptions submitted, and the judges were very impressed with the quality of the entries and the variety of topics. In this blogpost, you’ll find all the entries submitted under the fourth theme of ‘Promoting social change to enhance diversity, justice and socio-economic prosperity’.


SEN school transition – Hanan Ali, School of Education and Social Work

Description: School Transition for students with additional support needs is a group trip that requires concerted planning and efforts on all sides. Teachers from different school settings can safely lead this process to its desired destination where students, their parents, and teachers themselves feel stable and enjoy learning.


Does History Repeat Itself? – Hope Roulstone, School of Humanities

Description: Since the Constitutional Convention of 1787, the United States has been fixated on what it means to be (or not to be) American. Are the foundational ideas on freedom and identity still being practised in the current Trump Administration? Does history truly repeat itself?


My Eyes Reflect the Change in Me – Zoë Kessler, School of Education and Social Work

Description: I am collecting the life-histories of children brought up in Latvian orphanages and one of them gave me this picture and quote. “When I think of my voice being heard for the very first time my eyes are filled with tears of determination to be heard again and again.”

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