Listen to the latest book club podcast. This week it is ‘What video games have to teach us about learning and literacy’ by James Paul Gee.

In the podcast you have the opportunity to learn out about the books and ideas that have inspired and influenced the many different and wonderful people that we have here in the university. You can access the podcast on iTunes, Spotify and Buzzsprout.

In this episode Derek Robertson, Senior Lecturer in Education within the School of Education and Social Work, offers an engaging discussion around the key ideas from James Paul Gee’s book ‘What Video Games Have to Teach Us about Learning and Literacy’.

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·      You can find out more about Derek: here and read his blog here

·      Follow Derek on Twitter @derekrobertson

·      Miller, D.J., Robertson, D.P., Hudson, A. & Shimi, J. (2012) Signature pedagogy in the early years: the role of COTS game-based learning. Computers in the Schools, 29 (1-2), 227-247.

·      Miller, D.J. & Robertson, D.P. (2011) Educational benefits of using games consoles in a primary classroom: a randomised controlled trial. British Journal of Educational Technology, 42 (5), 850-864.

·      Miller, D.J. & Robertson, D.P. (2010). Using a games-console in the primary classroom: effects of ‘Brain Training’ programme on computation and self-esteem. British Journal of Educational Technology, 41 (2), 242-255.

·      Robertson, D.P. (2009) The Games in Schools Community of Practice Report. European Schoolnet. Available here

From the Episode: 

“Super Better: A revolutionary approach to getting stronger, happier, braver and more resilience” by Jane McGonigal.  Find out more here


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