To celebrate Black History Month, Dr Kenneth Baxter from the University’s Archives Services takes a closer look at the work and lives of Walter and Angeline Kamba, two of the University’s most notable figures to work at the University with a BAME background.

Walter Kamba, official staff photo, 1970’s.

The Kambas came to Dundee in 1969 after they were exiled from what was then known as Southern Rhodesia after the imposition of minority white rule in the region. Upon his arrival in Dundee, Walter became a lecturer in the Law Faculty of Dundee University, while his wife, Angeline joined the library team. During his career at Dundee University, Walter rose to become a Dean of Law whilst at the same time played an important role in the setting up of modern Zimbabwe.

Walter and Angeline Kamba at UoD fairwell event with Principals Neville and Derver, 1980.
Walter Kamba and others, Centanry Graduation ceremony,1982.

The couple then returned to their homeland in 1980, where they played key roles in its life, alongside carrying out work on the international stage.

To learn more about Walter and Angeline Kamba’s life, watch the short video here:

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