Dr Kenneth Baxter’s newest upload on YouTube offers a taste of the Archive’s visual records that show the changes to Dundee over the years.

The video shows how Dundee changed as it grew and developed into a 19th Century industrial town. The plans can be seen in the MS 17/P Thornton Collection which contains maps primarily of Dundee, Perthshire as well as Angus showcasing property, harbours, railway, water supplies, estates, roads and the river Tay.

The original 4 properties which housed University College Dundee – the Tower Building replaced them.
William Crawford’s map of Dundee, 1776.
Charles Edward’s Plan of 1846, site where Dundee University now sits.

The images within this video belong to the collection of Dundee University’s Central Media Services, which not only captured on film the places, people and life in the University but also of the city as a whole.

To learn more abut Dundee’s regeneration’s check out the video here:

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