Some of you may remember the multi-media live show, ‘Ulysses: A Magic Lantern Odyssey’, which Keith Williams took on a ‘three-nation’ tour back in Summer 2022 to celebrate the centenary of Joyce’s novel in Dundee, Dublin and Bristol, supported by Humanities at Dundee.

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This is part of an ongoing creative research collaboration with magic lantern performers, musicians and ‘media archaeologists’, based on his book James Joyce and Cinematicity: Before and After Film (2020; paperback 2022), click on the image to find out more


The artist Heather Ryan Kelley has just published a review of the Dublin show at the Samuel Beckett Theatre in one of the leading Joyce journals. Read more, with the permission of the journal editors, Broadsheet # 123 Oct 2022 (it’s the middle columns on p.2). You can also view some of Heather’s own amazing artwork on Joyce at: Heather Ryan Kelley

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