Week 3: Interdisciplinarity.

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connected people.
Connected individuals. Shared as CC0 from Pixabay

In the Digital Scholar this week, Weller looks at interdisciplinarity. While looking for additional resources for this  post, I came across the concept of transdisciplinarity.

IN the course, blogs and twitter are looked at in detail, do you feel these tools help you build up relationships with those in other disciplines – whether in Dundee or further afield. Or do you have other preferences – whether those are digital tools, or a more traditional approach? Do you think that you’re taking a interdisciplinary approach or a transdisciplinary one?

For students, we have the Global Health Challenge getting students to work together at Dundee.  Do you run any activities with students from other disciplines? How well do you feel these fit into the curriculum? Can you see ways we could further enhance interdisciplinarity between students?

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