Month: August 2021

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1: Getting Started

Determine your Topic To get started you need to determine the topic that you are going to be working with during this series. You may already have a topic in mind, or you can choose one of the following options: Choose a topic that may be difficult to teach and use this guide to create…Continue Reading 1: Getting Started

2: Style and Consistency

Summary Choosing a style for your content that reflects your topic and is suitable for your audience. Utilising a consistent visual style in order to create a familiar and user-friendly experience. Style Developing the style of your content and learning resources should be considered in the planning stages. By style, we mean your choice of…Continue Reading 2: Style and Consistency

4: Colour and Contrast

Summary Using colour consistently to develop your style and enhance your design. Ensuring accessible use of colour and contrast. Colour For most of us, colour can have different psychological associations; these can be dependent on context, culture and personal experiences. For example, the colour red can denote anger, pain, danger or conversely could symbolise love,…Continue Reading 4: Colour and Contrast