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Introducing: #creativeHE

Next week, we’ll be joining in with #creativeHE. It’s a group of educators who look at creative ideas for Learning & Teaching in HE. It’s grown from Manchester Metropolitan University’s PGCert, and now it operates as a community and discussion space  to enable wider discussions and collaborations. To get an idea of what’s happened in the…Continue Reading Introducing: #creativeHE

Day 2: Playing

In the second #creativeHE post, Chrissie encourages us to start to think about play within the classroom asking, “Is there a place for more inquiry-based learning, play and games in higher education?” I can give one example of what I’ve been involved with, though I’d question whether or not I could really call it a ‘game’…Continue Reading Day 2: Playing

Week 8: Changes.

It’s the last week of the Digital Scholar – in which Weller looks at the changes that moving to a digital scholarship model can bring to the individual or institution – and how we can plan for the implementation. One aspect they look at is digital resilience – which is very similar to other aspects…Continue Reading Week 8: Changes.

Week 6: Reward and Tenure.

This week, Weller looks as aspects that are critical to many academics – how digital scholarship can be recognised, both within an institution, and externally. He refers to guidelines that other institutions have developed, several of which have been listed by the Center for Digital Research in the Humanities. He presents the case for using…Continue Reading Week 6: Reward and Tenure.