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Week 4: Dissemination.

This week, the Digital Scholar looks at a key aspect of scholarship, dissemination. Weller starts off considering the “long tail” – initially looking at how that can lead to opportunities in personal life – though the example given of online music sales vs. high street music shops is largely now a difference that doesn’t exist,…Continue Reading Week 4: Dissemination.

Week 3: Interdisciplinarity.

In the Digital Scholar this week, Weller looks at interdisciplinarity. While looking for additional resources for this  post, I came across the concept of transdisciplinarity. IN the course, blogs and twitter are looked at in detail, do you feel these tools help you build up relationships with those in other disciplines – whether in Dundee…Continue Reading Week 3: Interdisciplinarity.

Week 2: Discovery

This week, the course focuses on the Discovery part of Boyer’s model. As well as the introduction of various social media tools, which you may already be usin, gthe idea of Guerrilla research is introduced. While it was originally used in web development, Weller argues that it can often apply to academic research. How do you…Continue Reading Week 2: Discovery