Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the CreateSpace is currently operating a little differently from usual:

  • Desks and equipment need to booked through the Library Study Space Booking system (look for the zone called ‘Wolfson CreateSpace’)
  • Face masks must be worn at all times while within the Library, including when within the CreateSpace
  • Desks and equipment must be sanitised before and after usage using the sanitisation stations provided
  • There will be no staff monitoring the space, however if you require tuition on the usage of a certain piece of equipment this can be arranged by contacting llc-createspace@dundee.ac.uk 

While not ideal, these restrictions are required to ensure the safety of all CreateSpace users and to remain within government guidelines.

We hope you will still find this space of benefit for destressing, learning new skills and meeting like minded people, in a time when this is needed more than ever.