Knitting is not just about making cosy scarfs and hats! Laura Gauld from the Centre of Technology and Innovation in Learning (CTIL) educated and inspired us recently with her CreateSpace online session looking at knitting in code.  Stemming from her passion for knitting and crochet, Laura has been exploring how codes have been used in knitting to send covert messages during war times – subverting the usual stereotype of knitters being timid domesticated women – and also how stitches can be used as a way to visually represent data such as computer code. As an example, Laura shared with the group her “temperature blanket” project which recorded the temperature via different colour yarns assigned for temperature ranges being used to stitch a row on a blanket every day for a year.  The slides and recording for Laura’s session are below, which include lots of resources to learn more about knitting in code:

Knitting in Code by Laura Gauld