The CreateSpace launched in Summer 2019, as a place University of Dundee students and staff can go to get creative, no matter what their background or discipline of study.  The CreateSpace is located on the ground floor of the Main Library.

Image of CreateSpace

The CreateSpace is operated by the Library and Learning Centre, who provide equipment and resources to make different creative pursuits accessible to as many students as possible, removing cost and space barriers.  This allows students to try something different and build skills in areas broader than just what they are studying in class.  We have facilities such as 3D printers and digital embroidery machinery which might otherwise be difficult to access for many.

It is also recognised that being creative can help with wellbeing and mental health, so the space is also a place for students to relax and de-stress by picking up an activity which promotes mindfulness such as colouring in, jigsaw puzzling and sewing.