About TILE

TILE stands for Teaching Innovation & Learning Enhancement and is a new network at the University of Dundee. Our mission is to start a conversation between different groups interested in improving teaching and sharing best practice in education. To that end, TILE will start as an external speaker series.

TILE is completely interdisciplinary and wants to be a platform for scholarly outreach between people within and outwith the university (i.e., across sectors), between researchers and practitioners (i.e., across type of expertise), and between all disciplines that can contribute to the discussion. At TILE we want to discuss prevailing issues in learning and teaching and ways to overcome these using evidence-based strategies and findings. But, we want to talk about positive experiences as well and hope that you will share them with us.

Whether you are a researcher in the area of learning and teaching or a teacher/lecturer not directly involved in research, we believe that all of you can contribute to the discussion at TILE.

Let’s work together to innovate teaching and enhance learning!

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