Asian female and male - dermatomes and nerves


From September to December 2021, Medical Art postgraduate student Lucy Southwell joined the TILT team for her internship. Working closely with the Medical Artist, Lucy created a fantastic series of anatomical landmark illustrations (with a specific focus on diversity) to be used by Dr. Seaneen McDougall in her anatomy lectures.


The Project


During module auditing, Seaneen noted 11 photographs that could be improved upon to be more diverse and inclusive. As a talented illustrator, Lucy created a bespoke series based on these photographs, with a focus on different skin colours and more female as well as male representation. Making sure to contain all information present in the photographs, our intern successfully created a resource that could be easily integrated into the curriculum, and used on a wider scale.


Final Product/s

Asian female and male - diaphragm, heart, lungs
Black female and male - axillary lines
Black female and male - abdominal quadrants
Black female - referred pain regions
Black male - referred pain regions
White female and male - cardiac landmarks
Asian female and male - midclavicular and anterior median lines
Female and male - larynx, hyoid, trachea, thyroid
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