Staff Teaching Support

We can support staff by providing guidance on the tools and services available to help with your teaching objectives.

Drop-in sessions every Wednesday & Friday 1-2pm (click for details).



The School of Medicine’s dedicated online platform for the core learning and teaching resources for the MBChB programme.


A lecture capture service for recording in-class teaching sessions and pre-recording presentations.

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A lecture capture service for recording in-class teaching sessions and pre-recording presentations.

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An online post-it board used for Q&A and general collaboration.


Turnitin is the main mechanism for students to submit text-based assignments. You can use this tool to check for similarity, feedback and marking.

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Providing virtual classrooms for online and hybrid teaching sessions.

Guides and Resources

MBChB Moodle is the Medical School’s new platform for delivering the core learning and teaching content across the MBChB programme. Moodle has replaced Medblogs and DELTA which are available for reference.

Please contact TILT for any assistance with Moodle and editing access to a particular course.

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Whilst we recommend Yuja, we realise that this is not always possible for pre-recording lectures. PowerPoint is an easy to use alternative to record audio directly into your PowerPoint show. 

We are also standardising the branding of the School’s lecture presentations and other content. This will encourage school-wide branding an help you to meet the accessibility requirements.

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    Padlet is another fantastic online collaboration tool that can increase student engagement. Padlet lets users post notes on a digital wall.  Notes posted buy students or staff can contain links, images, video, comments and more.

    Padlet is commonly used for Q&A and information. However, there are many creative ways to use Padlet once you get started.

    Note: you need a university account to access Padlet 

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    YuJa is the University recording platform which can be used to record a lecture on teaching computers and your own device. Supports both video recording and voice-over PowerPoint. Once you have recorded your video, use the direct link or embed link to share your content.


    There are a range of collaboration tools to encourage and facilitate student engagement.  Using these tools in a virtual environment can encourage active learning and participation from your students. Mentimeter is one of them.

    Mentimeter allows you to build interactive presentations with an easy-to-use online editor, directly from your browser. Add questions, polls, quizzes, slides, images, GIFs and more to your presentation to make them more engaging and fun. Your audience can use their smartphone or other device to connect to your presentation and answer questions/provide feedback.

    Note: you need a university account to access Mentimeter 

    Medblogs and DELTA

    Medblogs and DELTA have been replaced by MBChB Moodle and are no longer being updated as of July 2023 but is still available for locating historical information. Please visit MBChB Moodle for the latest information and teaching materials, and update your bookmarks to

    A University/NHS Tayside account required to access Medblogs – contact

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    Extra Information

    Booking a Laptop/ Using a Recording Room

    The Undergraduate Medical School Office (MSUO) have laptops to help facilitate the use of lecture recordings and online classrooms. There is a recording room availbale if you need a quiet space to pre-record a lecture or tutorial. The equipment set up includes a computer, desk with dual monitors, webcam, microphone. Please email if you would like support for pre-recording content or would like to use our recording room.

    Staff Development for Medical Educators

    The School runs regular workshops aimed at staff involved in teaching medical students as well as doctors in training.  These workshops are now being delivered successfully using virtual webinar sessions.

    More information about these workshops can be found here:

    Useful tools for online teaching, with hints, tips and instructional videos to give you ideas for your teaching:

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