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AI in Higher Education is an online space to support reflection on the emerging role and application of artificial intelligence (AI) in higher education. Stemming from an enhancement theme project at the University of Dundee led by Natalie Lafferty and Emma Duke-Williams from the Centre for Technology and Innovation in Learning (CTIL), this site will include details of webinars and workshops exploring different aspects of AI. We’ll also share other news, information and developments on AI. Whilst our enhancement theme project is a short time limited project we’ll continue to use this space as an open publishing space as we’d like to continue sharing and to nurture a community of practice in AI in higher education  .

We hope that this space can evolve and help support a network of  people interested in learning, practising and researching in AI in higher education. To facilitate this everyone is welcome to participate in AI in Higher Education by writing, sharing, curating and commenting. Writing contributions can be made at anytime via our WR-AI-TE page. Contributions can cover any aspect of AI. Your experience of using AI in teaching, the implications of AI on assessment and assessment design, the impact of generative AI in art and design disciplines, ethical considerations on the use of AI, how the adoption of AI sits alongside universities ambitions to be sustainable organisations. You might just want to share a link to useful resource or a journal article. We welcome contributions from lecturers, researchers, colleagues working in professional and academic related services and from students. Contributions can be in the form of text, images, videos, GIFS.

We will share more details on how to contribute and update this page once we have. Contributions can be anonymous or pseudonymous and will be moderated before they are published.