Disturbing automated voicemail message

I received this disturbing automated voicemail the other day. To me, it clearly sounded like a scam (and a quick Google for the phone number shows that others who have received the same message are in agreement) but imagine if the computer voice used was more convincing. And what would it be like if there was more sophisticated AI being used behind the scam that pulled in some personal details to make it much more believable?


I stumbled across this new product, Lightform, on Instagram at the weekend and I thought I’d share it with you. Lightform is a specially designed computer that you can plug into a projector and use to bring static, everyday objects to life. I thought this is good to show you as an example of how far forward we are with current technology to encourage you to dream a bit bigger for what will be possible in five years time.

Lightform is probably best described by looking at a few example videos that the company have posted to their Instagram.

It’s also definitely worth taking a look at what the team behind Lightform have done in the past. Have a look at these videos (taken from their about page: lightform.com/about/).


Morag Myerscough designer of spaces

HI all you exhibition designers:

Have a look at the work of Morag Myerscough. A really individual and inspirational graphic designer who does a lot of exhibition design for clients like the design museum often on very minimal budgets. She has a very small studio in London, usually just her and a couple of graduate interns. She intentionally keeps it that way, but it doesn’t stop her from thinking big and bold. See her work here: