What is Learning Spaces?

LearningSpaces is an externally hosted (by CampusPress) installation of WordPress.

It’s designed to be used for learning and teaching related activities, to complement, not to replace, the WordPress service offered by UoDIT. While most people will be using this for blogging type activities, it’s also possible to use LearningSpaces to build a static website.

Learning and teaching activities can include reflective student blogs, areas to share items of interest for students, group wikis … to name just a few.

How can I get a space for myself or my students?

We have 3 main types of sites

  • Class Site: These are designed for a specific module. It’s up to the module team to decide if it’s for staff to share content with students, or for all to contribute equally. You can have 1 / cohort – or you may wish to develop a ongoing blog over a number of years.
  • Set of Sites for a class: This would be used when you would like all students in a module to create an individual blog – but have them related to the module – e.g. an ePortfolio. You’ll also get a class site, to help you co-ordinate everything.
  • Personal / Professional Site: This is for one person, of a small group, and can be used however the student or member of staff wishes, as long as the main theme is learning and teaching related.

There’s more information, and the relevant forms, on a CTIL guide

Featured sites

We have a range of sites across the University – here are a few to give you an idea about what you might do.

Tippy’s Top Tips

Handy hints for staff and students – developed in SSEN, but relevant to all.

Resilience in Research

A rich repository of resources, aimed at all researchers. Developed by the Graduate School and CTIL.

Can we feature your site?

If you’d like your site featured – drop us a line via Help4U@dundee.ac.uk