Lecture Capture: Pedagogy, Policy and Practicalities


Dr Emily Nordmann
(Lecturer in the School of Psychology, University of Glasgow)

30 October 2019 @ 4pm | Webinar via Collaborate


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In this webinar Dr Emily Nordmann will review the literature regarding the pedagogical implications of lecture recording availability and usage, and present new data that explores the predictors of whether students use lecture recordings in a self-regulated way. Additionally, she will discuss factors that should be considered when introducing or updating an institutional lecture capture policy and the importance of communicating clearly and transparently with lecturing staff.

About the speaker:

Dr Emily Nordmann is a teaching-focused lecturer in the School of Psychology, University of Glasgow. The main focus of her pedagogical research is how lecture capture can be used as an effective learning tool. She teaches statistics and research methods using R and is a firm supporter of open and reproducible research practices and educational resources. You can follow her on Twitter @EmilyNordmann.