Time Management Bites


Time Management Bites

Time management is an essential university skill. Poor organisation can lead to missed deadlines, inferior work, and increased stress. On the other hand, good time management helps you stay on top of your coursework, allows you to produce your best work, and reduces stress. Good organisation can mean the difference between pulling all-nighters trying to finish three assignments at once, and having everything done on time, with plenty of time left over to spend doing the things you love! 

Time management is also essential for the rest of your life. Good organisation and self-management are both top employability skills, so it’s worth developing them now. Also, once you’ve graduated university and you need to juggle a job alongside your personal life, good time management can make the difference between achieving your goals and constantly feeling behind.  

In this ‘Bites’ series, we’ll explore six different facets of Time Management. Several ‘Bites,’ such as ‘Short-Term Planning’ and ‘Long-Term Planning’ cover relatively traditional aspects of time management, including how to use calendars and to-do lists effectively. Others discuss strategies for less-discussed but equally important elements, such as finding focus, motivating yourself, avoiding procrastination, and managing stress.  

Feel free to dip in and out of this resource as often as you’d like. Whether you’re a first year student straight from school or a final-year PhD researcher, we hope these ‘Bites’ will give you food for thought as you improve your time management strategies! 

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