Green Health Week

As it is Green Health Week across Dundee, a series of activities and walks are being promoted by the Dundee Botanic Gardens. You can even pick up a seeding sunflower to grow this summer on your visit. Follow this link for more information about how to get involved:…Continue Reading Green Health Week

Peter Carmichael: engineer, inventor & philanthropist

Peter Carmichael (1809-1891) is one of Dundee’s quiet heroes. Largely unknown today, his impact on the textile industry and local community was impressive.  Credited with several inventions which enhanced productivity, Carmichael began his career as an engineering apprentice, rising to be manager, then senior partner, of Baxter Brothers by the 1870s. Carmichael’s success was marked by his purchase of the Arthurstone Estate in Perthshire which he renovated and improved.   Carmichael’s contribution to the textile industry and consequent prosperity of Dundee is little known,…Continue Reading Peter Carmichael: engineer, inventor & philanthropist

30 Day challenge UoD

As it has just been national Parkinson’s Disease awareness month, Dundee University are brining attention to the fastest growing neurological condition, with 30 people diagnosed every week in Scotland, by asking staff, students and the wider community to take part in the 30 days challenge this June. This can involve something challenging, creative, tiring, inspiring,…Continue Reading 30 Day challenge UoD

Bollywood Bonanza!

For International Dance Day we’re delighted to share this fabulous film of Bollywood dance from Usha Mani created in collaboration with Dance Beatz Edinburgh (link below). Usha has been teaching Bollywood dance at the University of Dundee since 2018 and has conducted various dance events in the Global Room for Holi and Diwali. She does…Continue Reading Bollywood Bonanza!

James Hogg at 250: the farmhand who becomes one of Scotland’s greatest storytellers

In a follow up to Dr Daniel Cook’s event celebrating the 250th birthday of James Hogg, Dr Cook, Reader in English recently featured in The Conversation with his article on James Hogg. The article is titled James Hogg at 250: the farmhand who becomes one of Scotland’s greatest storytellers and details his life, career and…Continue Reading James Hogg at 250: the farmhand who becomes one of Scotland’s greatest storytellers

Bandanese Massacre of 1621

This past month Dr Martine Van Ittersum, Senior Lecturer in History took part in an International Roundtable discussion on the Banadanese Massacre of 1621. Dr Ittersum will also be appearing in a series of two programmes written and presented by Billy Kay which celebrate Scotland’s historic links with the Flemish and Dutch people. They aired on…Continue Reading Bandanese Massacre of 1621