In the Darkroom

Written by University of Dundee Museums volunteer Pete McConville Follow Pete’s photography on his Instagram by clicking this link   The University of Dundee campus is such a great place to photograph. So many styles of architecture and dynamic social spaces. As the light changes from day to day and moment to moment it can…Continue Reading In the Darkroom

The Green Room Gallery

Photograph of the Green Room

Have you visited the Green Room Gallery at the Botanic Garden yet? Find out more in this post from the Curator Kevin Frediani. The commissioning of a new structure that could look out from the garden to capture the views over the River Tay towards Fife, marked a unique opportunity for the University of Dundee…Continue Reading The Green Room Gallery

Dundee in 1776

Join the University Archives as Kenneth Baxter takes us on a tour of Dundee in 1776. Using Crawford’s plan of Dundee Kenneth explains how Dundee has changed over time. There are several familiar parts of the map including the Nethergate and Overgate (albeit they look very different today) There are also many buildings which have…Continue Reading Dundee in 1776

Breaking the Chains

Cover of leaflet

Breaking the Chains is a collaboration between the University of Dundee Museums and the city libraries in Leisure & Culture Dundee, with funding and additional support from Dundee City Council. It is also one of the outputs of the on-going Woven Together project, a wider community-based project to research and promote the history of people…Continue Reading Breaking the Chains

Then and now – changing Dundee: Camperdown Works

Engraving of Dundee

Camperdown Works in Lochee, Dundee was undoubtedly the city’s most famous industrial complex, and its iconic chimney “Cox’s Stack” remains one of Dundee’s most recognisable landmarks. Owned by the Cox Brother, who were already established in the linen trade in Lochee, the works began with the construction of a Power Loom Factory in 1849. Thereafter…Continue Reading Then and now – changing Dundee: Camperdown Works

Discovering the magic of Mount Stuart

A partnership between the University Archives, Mount Stuart and the Centre for Scotland’s Land Futures led to an amazing experience for three Humanities undergraduates. Here they describe their fantastic two week internship at Mount Stuart working with the archives and other collections. Connie Mills The email offering me the opportunity to apply for an archival…Continue Reading Discovering the magic of Mount Stuart