Dundee OpSoc: Miscat

Tune in this Sunday at 7pm for OpSoc’s second concert of 2021, “Miscat”. It will include songs from “Les Miserables”, “Hamilton” as well as “Into the Woods” but with a different take on them. Follow the link to their Facebook page to watch it live…Continue Reading Dundee OpSoc: Miscat

Public Engagement Newsletter

This month’s Public Engagement newsletter shed the light on some of Dundee University’s news and achievements from the end of last year running into 2021. In December 2020 Dundee University became the first university in Scotland to receive a Gold Engage Watermark in recognition got their public engagement. This award is given to universities for…Continue Reading Public Engagement Newsletter

50 stories for 50 years

As the Dundee Botanic Gardens are turning 50 years old this year, over the course of the year they will be publishing 50 stories for 50 years. They have started posting these on their Facebook page for you to follow along and have already included stories about the journey of botany in Dundee and how…Continue Reading 50 stories for 50 years

Sit-in Curriculum #1

The Cooper Gallery are getting ready to launch their new exhibit, The Ignorant Art School: Sit-in Curriculum #1. At the heart of The Ignorant Art School is a Sit-in Curriculum, a packed timetable of actions, workshops and gatherings facilitated by artists, designers, activists, and culture workers. Rejecting inequalities of access by arranging anti-colonial, anti-racist and…Continue Reading Sit-in Curriculum #1


CreateSpace: Being creative in the virtual space The Library and Learning Centre (LLC) CreateSpace was set up in Summer 2019 as a space within the Main Library dedicated to helping all students try something creative, learn a new skill or simply take a break from their academic work.  The CreateSpace proved a real success with…Continue Reading CreateSpace

Let’s feel well together

Our great team at student services have been working hard to make sure that we stay connected and look after our mental and physical health. The Well Together #ConnectedCommunity resources on Teams are just the inspiration we need and free for all in the University to access. Books, podcasts, crafts, exercise, recipes – take some…Continue Reading Let’s feel well together