From limbs to linocut

'Memento Mori' cat skull etching

In this blog Dr Caroline Erolin explains her recent passion with lino printing and etching. Caroline works across the schools of Science & Engineering and Art & Design, and runs the MSc in Medical Art. Her research activities are focussed on digital 3D modelling and scanning of anatomy, and new technologies such as virtual and…Continue Reading From limbs to linocut

3D Scanning a Two-toed Sloth

Written by EunJung Park (Msc Medical Art DJCAD Graduate) and edited by Amy Crawford (MGS Funded Museum Engagement Officer) The museum collections at the University of Dundee cares for and displays a large collection of animal specimens. The dental collections are especially full of interesting animal skulls and teeth. I have been working on helping…Continue Reading 3D Scanning a Two-toed Sloth

Dundee in 1776

Join the University Archives as Kenneth Baxter takes us on a tour of Dundee in 1776. Using Crawford’s plan of Dundee Kenneth explains how Dundee has changed over time. There are several familiar parts of the map including the Nethergate and Overgate (albeit they look very different today) There are also many buildings which have…Continue Reading Dundee in 1776

Breaking the Chains

Cover of leaflet

Breaking the Chains is a collaboration between the University of Dundee Museums and the city libraries in Leisure & Culture Dundee, with funding and additional support from Dundee City Council. It is also one of the outputs of the on-going Woven Together project, a wider community-based project to research and promote the history of people…Continue Reading Breaking the Chains